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wonderful way to start my morning, until my dogs came outside and made me spill some of my smoothie😡

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Ik ik, lame and common to post a jar on white wall photon but whatever. This is my favorite juice in the world. 1.5 grape fruits, 3 navel oranges, and 1/2 a bag of baby carrots. this made me 32oz. You can obviously make more or less but it’s best if you use half the grapefruit to orange ratio because if you put in more grapefruit it overpowers the orange. Of course if you like it bitter grapefruit away! I could drink this all the days.

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Ways Celebrities Lose Weight for Upcoming Roles: We’ve got celebrity diet secrets here.

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Matcha Green Tea Chia Pudding
{Raw Vegan & Gluten-free}

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My breakfast this morning!

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Pumpkin flax granola with chopped strawberries and banana, dark chocolate chips, pumpkin seeds, raw cashews, and vanilla soy milk.

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Yummmm!!! Best fruit salad! Pineapple + watermelon + grapes + kiwi fruit + blueberries + raspberries + passion fruit + torn mint leaves + fresh lime juice + coconut sugar. Delish!!

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